In Pain? A Physical Therapist in Denver May Be Able to Help

Chronic pain impacts the lives of countless people. Statistically, about eleven percent of the U.S. population is experiencing some form of chronic pain at any given time. That means those individuals are unable to enjoy life to its fullest. In some cases, their ability to function normally is seriously limited. If you’re one of those people, a physical therapist Denver may be able to help.

Obtaining a Proper Diagnosis

The first step in relieving any type of chronic pain is to understand the root causes of that pain. Physicians specializing in helping patients with chronic pain will generally conduct examinations and tests to determine the pain’s point of origin. In some cases, surgery may be required. However, in many instances, physical therapy may be recommended before other, more drastic, treatments are suggested. The physician will generally refer the patient to an appropriate physical therapist for treatments

The First Physical Therapy Appointment

As a rule, the therapist will review the information provided by the treating physician before the patient’s first therapy appointment. That will give them the basic information necessary, but the patient will be interviewed and examined by the therapist to add to that basic knowledge. Managing chronic pain is rarely easy, but there are treatments that generally provide some level of relief. The objective of the first visit to the therapist is to identify the best approaches for relieving the chronic pain.

Treatment Protocols Vary

Every patient’s needs will vary, which is why the initial appointment is a vital part of establishing the treatment protocols to be followed. Each appointment with the physical therapist will generally focus on reducing pain until the point it no longer keeps a patient from leading a relatively normal life. While it may take several appointments and evolving therapy strategies to get to that point, most patients see a reduction or elimination of their pain.

Does Physical Therapy Always Work?

The short answer is no, it doesn’t work for every individual. There are times when surgery or other forms of treatment may be required to control the chronic pain. However, even if surgery is necessary, additional physical therapy may be recommended during the recovery process. If you’ve got questions about controlling chronic pain, contact your physician or a physical therapist for advice today.