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Some Information about Paul Marciano, the Co-Founder of a Clothing Line

In 1952, there was a Debdou Moroccan born, an American named Paul Marciano who became a fashion designer, businessman, investor and philanthropist. He became the co-founder of the clothing company, and his black and white advertisement won several honors in the Clio awards. This clothing firm was initiated and operated by all of the four Marciano brothers who are Paul, Armand, Maurice and Georges, and at present, this original company and its extensions are handled by only Paul and Maurice.

There is a larger Sephardic synagogues in Los Angeles where Paul Marciano is a large benefactor. Together with his four siblings, he was raised in Marseilles, France, not in Morocco, to a Jewish family. Being rabbis run in the family of Paul, from his great-grandfather to his father. Along with his four brothers, from age 8-15, they lived in an apartment which is part of a synagogue complex, and he was a member of a Jewish boy scout group called Eclaireurs Israelites de France, which was considered as a Jewish boy scout group in the same complex. When Paul was 15, he was involved in a motorcycle accident with a friend, where they had a collision with a car coming towards them. Paul was told he could never walk again and thus spent in a wheelchair for seven months. Paul eventually regained normal use of his limbs after a year and half passed, but because of his prolonged absence, he was not re-accepted into school. Since he cannot finish his education, he traveled to live in an kibbutz in Israel.

The family of Paul Marciano had a clothing company where he worked, and they had shops in the French Riviera. During an extended leave in 1977, the four Marciano brothers Paul, Georges, Armand and Maurice, visited Southern California, and there they developed a liking of the place. As the rise of the socialist happened in 1981 and politics changed in France, the Marcianos decided to closed their clothing company and moved to the United States. The brothers then started on Little Santa Monica in Beverly Hills a clothing company, and soon started their world famous clothing line.

The world famous jeans brand was founded by the Marciano brothers in 1981, and later sold 50% of the stake to the Nakash brothers. However, the California court found the Nakashes luring the Marcianos fraudulently into the transaction, turning the joint venture into a sour one.

Paul Marciano stepped down in August 2015 as the CEO of the famous clothing brand and company, but remained as the chief creative officer and executive chairman. Later in June 2018, Paul Marciano resigned as executive chairman due to some sexual harassment allegations.

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